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Creating a Travel Offsetting Tool for Harvard Business School
Steve Siger
May 23, 2024

We are proud to announce that CNaught has built a travel offsetting tool for Harvard Business School (HBS) to enable anyone, whether associated with HBS or not, to mitigate the carbon emissions of their travel.

At Harvard Business School (HBS), thousands of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors are constantly on the move–traveling to job interviews, conferences, meetings, networking events, and learning opportunities. The emissions from all that travel add up, and HBS students and alumni noticed. They asked the sustainability staff at the school if they had thoughts about how they could mitigate the emissions associated with all that travel. The HBS team–including Professor Mike Toffel and Associate Director for Sustainability Leah Ricci–began exploring options.

As a first step, they retained CNaught partner Calyx Global, the world’s leading third party ratings agency, to help them understand the kinds of carbon projects they might seek out to maximize climate impact. Then they recognized that they needed to find a carbon credit platform that could both build a high-integrity portfolio consistent with their climate, health, and equity goals and build a travel tool that makes the buying experience easy and intuitive for their users. We’re grateful that they chose to work with CNaught.

The result is a dedicated app recommended by HBS. It enables travelers to calculate their emissions for flying or driving anywhere in the world and then immediately purchase high-integrity carbon credits to offset those emissions. Each purchase through the app supports a diversified portfolio of carbon credits designed by CNaught to drive climate impact that meets HBS’s stringent criteria. 99.5% of the carbon credits are rated B+ or above by Calyx Global. The remaining 0.5% of the portfolio supports the Frontier offtake portfolio, representing the most promising carbon removal technologies that have been vetted by industry experts.

Harvard Business School alumni are the business leaders of today and its current students will be the business leaders of tomorrow. Their leadership on sustainability will have real impact well beyond the four corners of their campus, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to support their efforts to take on travel-related emissions.

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