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Our curated portfolios are the easiest way to purchase a diversified basket of high-quality carbon credits from multiple projects at once. Each science-backed portfolio is designed to maximize impact, mitigate risk, and foster innovation based on Oxford's principles for carbon offsetting to meet your specific needs.
Calyx GlobalHigh Integrity
The Impact Portfolio balances impact, risk, and innovation by including credits from projects across the full range of carbon credit categories. A majority of the portfolio is allocated to avoided emissions and conservation projects for immediate impact while including both short- and long-term storage to actively remove carbon from the atmosphere.
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The Calyx Global Quality-Rated Portfolio was designed with Calyx Global, the leader in carbon credit ratings, who thoroughly researched each project in the portfolio to ensure high impact. Calyx Global's highest ratings have been given to Avoided Emissions and Short-term Removal projects and therefore are the only categories contained in this portfolio,
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The Value Portfolio is designed to include affordable, high-quality Avoided Emission carbon credits that drive impact across multiple projects for diversification.
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As the name implies, the Removals-Only Portfolio is focused on short- and long-term carbon removal projects. Removal projects are more expensive, and are recommended by some climate neutral standards including Science-Based Targets Initiative. Each project goes through the same quality assurance and vetting process as our Impact portfolio.
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The Climate Active Impact Portfolio is a diversified portfolio specifically designed to meet the requirements of Climate Active Certification in Australia. It contains projects from Avoided Emissions, Conservation, and Short-term removal.
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Do you have specific compliance requirements that need to be considered? We can help design a portfolio approach that can programmatically meet your needs while eliminating the hassle of choosing individual projects.
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