Embed real climate impact

CNaught offers the only solution for programmatic carbon impact. Create easy and accessible user experiences integrated into your product the way you envision with our API.

Seamless integration

Enlist the help of your users
Put frictionless climate impact at your users’ fingertips. Give them the opportunity to support credible carbon projects and technologies.
Automate your carbon strategy
Save time and put carbon credits on autopilot by building it into your workflow. Purchase in real-time to compensate for emissions.
Customize a seamless experience
Add your own UI and branding to CNaught’s easy buying process. Eliminate the need to ask customers to choose and think about multiple options.

Steps to integrate

Sign up for a free account and start testing today in the sandbox.
Set up billing
Add your billing info to be ready to make purchases using the API.
Integrate API
Use the Order endpoint to submit a POST request and purchase quantities of carbon credits down to the kilogram with no additional cost.

API features

Diversified portfolio
Programmatic climate impact is now available for your users. A science-backed credible portfolio eliminates the recurring need to select from a list of projects.
Order cancellation
Make a mistake? Orders can be canceled as easily as they were created.
Share impact with your branding
Pull information on credits, including certificates and project details to present within your product.

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