About us

Our mission is to make it easy to use carbon credits to accelerate your climate impact

We need more people to put more money into reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere through purchasing voluntary carbon credits. Today, too many potential buyers don’t know how or what to buy. They are afraid of doing it wrong. They are afraid of purchasing credits that underperform and leave them open to lawsuits. This isn’t their fault. The market is opaque, confusing, and hard to navigate for even experienced buyers, and organizations need a substantially easier solution. 

That is CNaught. With a few clicks, you can access a sophisticated, science-backed carbon credit strategy that was previously available to only the largest buyers. CNaught is helping companies get off the sidelines and do something about climate now.

Founding Team

Our founding team has decades of experience building user-centric products in Silicon Valley at companies like Rev, Thumbtack, and Uber:
Mark Chen
Dan Kokotov
Steve Siger
Jason Chen
Founding Engineer


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