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Introducing CNaught’s Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio
Mark Chen
April 24, 2024

We are excited to announce our first-of-its kind partnership with Calyx Global, the leading carbon credit ratings agency, to offer CNaught customers access to a carbon credit portfolio made up solely of projects that are highly-rated by Calyx Global. And we are so thrilled to launch this new portfolio with GreenBiz as our first customer. Through our GreenBiz partnership, we will use the new portfolio both to help GreenBiz mitigate the carbon footprint of their four largest conferences and to enable every single attendee to mitigate the carbon emissions associated with travel to the conferences.

Our Partnership with Calyx Global

CNaught is building the easiest way for companies to drive real climate impact using high-integrity carbon credit portfolios. It is far too hard to be a buyer of carbon credits today, and CNaught makes it easy by transparently building diversified portfolios of credits that are actually likely to represent one tonne of carbon. We develop the strategy, conduct project level diligence, assemble and retire portfolios, and help our customers take credit for their efforts.

Our approach is designed to address the trust deficit in the carbon markets. There is unfortunately a far-too-extensive history of carbon credit sellers making claims about project integrity that collapse under close consideration. We are therefore intentionally transparent about how we build our portfolios, when we will support projects, and when we won’t.

One critical piece of building trust is ensuring that our approach is consistent with the recommendations of expert, objective third parties. That’s why we pattern our approach after the Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Offsetting; that’s why we have sought out expert advisors like Derik Broekhoff and Injy Johnstone; and it’s why we partnered with Calyx Global before we even sold our first portfolio tonne. As they do with all of their subscribers, they help us navigate the carbon markets with confidence by providing a deeply researched, objective review of the integrity of carbon credit projects.

The Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio

Calyx Global has deep expertise that backs its ratings and insights. With this portfolio, we aim to make their rigor available to the full range of CNaught customers who already are benefiting from CNaught’s diversified, risk mitigated approach to assembling a portfolio.

The Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio includes Calyx Global Calyx Global A-rated avoided emissions credits and B+-rated nature-based removal credits, from at least three projects. Each project in the portfolio produces credits in the top 10% of Calyx-Global-rated credits for greenhouse gas integrity and has been subject to an Environmental and Social Risk screening designed to surface non-carbon risks. The result is a portfolio designed for impact in partnership with the world’s leading carbon credit rating agency.


GreenBiz is the perfect launch partner for this portfolio. Their events focus on bringing leading industry practitioners together to accelerate the just transition to a clean economy. At the same time, their events generate unavoidable emissions both on-site and through attendee travel. They need an easy-to-use carbon credit solution that they can have confidence in.

The Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio delivers just that. “In our ongoing effort to mitigate our emissions and make GreenBiz events spaces where we don’t simply talk about climate action, but also create the future we want to live in, we’re proud to partner with CNaught and its Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio to retire credits exclusively from high-quality projects that have been rigorously vetted by the Calyx Global team,” says Eric Faurot, CEO of GreenBiz Group

It’s just as easy for anyone traveling to a GreenBiz event to offset the emissions associated with their travel, starting with Circularity in Chicago in May and GreenFin in New York in June. If you’re headed to one or both of those conferences, visit our dedicated sites (Circularity, GreenFin), enter your travel information, and offset your emissions, confident that you’re supporting a portfolio of projects highly-rated by Calyx Global. It’s that simple.


If you’re excited about the Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio or think CNaught might be a good fit for your company, sign up for an account or reach out to us at Your first tonne is free!

The Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio is now available for purchase here