Oeste de Caucaia Landfill Project

Project Details
Avoided Emissions
Avoided Emissions
GNR Fortaleza Valorização de Biogás Ltda.
GNR Fortaleza Valorização de Biogás Ltda.
Impact type
Avoided emissions
Avoided Emissions
Crediting period
2016 to 2022
Project Description
This project supports collection of landfill gas at a municipal landfill near the city of Fortaleza in the state of Ceará, Brazil. As organic matter like food waste decomposes, the landfill emits landfill gas, which is primarily methane. The project reduces emissions by (i) capturing landfill gas that would, under normal circumstances, be emitted to the atmosphere and (ii) by using it to produce natural gas. Captured landfill gas is sent to an upgrading facility and then injected into Companhia de Gás do Ceará’s natural gas distribution grid, which then displaces other natural gas that would otherwise be used.
Risk of Potential Reversals
This project has little to no risk of reversal because its avoided emissions are not subject to being undone.
Caucaia, Ceará, Brazil
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