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Why Adopting Sustainability Measures is Crucial: Supporting Customer Goals
Caitlin McGarry
June 20, 2024

ComputerCare delivers IT asset management services tailored for traditional, remote, and hybrid work environments. Trusted by top tech companies and authorized by leading manufacturers, ComputerCare combines industry-leading expertise with a commitment to empathy, curiosity, initiative, and accountability to provide solutions that acknowledge the profound impact of hardware on the environment. Sustainability, therefore, is at the core of how they run their operations.

In addition to leveraging CNaught to mitigate transportation emissions, VP of Operations, Katie Richter, shares how ComputerCare incorporates sustainability efforts throughout their own operations and extends those efforts to enable their customers to make a greater impact. 

Sustainability at the heart of business operations

Georgia Rittenberg has been leading ComputerCare for eight years and is passionate about sustainability. We provide computer hardware repair as a service, so she has been observing the impact devices have on the environment for a long time. As a services-oriented company, to us, this means we want to implement sustainability measures into our own business operations as well as incorporate strategies to enable our customers to understand and affect their sustainability impacts. 

Identify areas to reduce and mitigate

Since we don’t manufacture hardware ourselves, we wanted to look at where we were directly responsible for emissions. We reviewed our office energy bills and made changes to decrease our consumption. We prioritize shipping hardware via ground transportation, measure the emissions of every shipment and delivery, and offset it on a monthly basis with CNaught.

Customers have sustainability goals themselves

Our customers have their own sustainability goals that their employees and investors hold them accountable for. They need to show data that reflects that they’re doing business in a sustainable manner. ComputerCare’s ability to help them make more sustainable choices is very valuable. By incorporating sustainability measures into our operations, providing customers with the information they need to make more eco-friendly tech purchases, and being transparent about our efforts, we empower customers to confidently demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. 


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To learn how CNaught can help build your organization a carbon credit strategy that fits your overall sustainability initiatives, as well as supports your customers's sustainability goals, reach out to us here