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Making It Easier To Get To Net Zero
Caitlin McGarry
January 16, 2024

Getting to net zero just got easier. 

We’re partnering with Aclymate. That means Aclymate is integrating CNaught’s simple and trustworthy carbon credits with Aclymate’s easy-to-use carbon accounting platform to form a one-stop shop for small- and mid-sized businesses seeking to mitigate their carbon footprint. No in-house sustainability experts required. High-impact built in. Easy sailing to net zero.

Why it matters

It can be hard to know how to get started on your sustainability journey. Customers and governments are demanding companies take climate action. But how?

This partnership cuts through the noise. Both Aclymate and CNaught are designed to be easy-to-use and scientifically rigorous. They make tools formerly only available to the largest companies available to SMBs. That means more businesses can get off the sidelines and reach net zero faster. 

How it works

To get to net zero, companies first understand and measure their emissions with Aclymate’s carbon accounting tools. They take action to reduce emissions where they are able. And they offset their remaining emissions via CNaught’s curated portfolio of carbon credits available through their Aclymate account.  

Carbon offsetting is a key piece of the net zero journey. Companies like Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, and Airbus all use carbon offset strategies to meet their net zero goals. But we know the carbon market is opaque, confusing, and hard to navigate. We do the hard work of building a high-integrity carbon credit portfolio for you, so you save time to focus on building your business instead.

Showcase your impact

You’ve measured your emissions. You’ve reduced where you can. You’ve offset the rest. Now you need to showcase your impact. Use our impact tools to show your customers, employees, and investors how you support the climate in real-time. 

We’re proud to call Aclymate a partner. With a shared commitment to accelerating business’s climate impact, we’re excited to enable more business to reach their sustainability goals, faster. 

Ready to start on your business’s journey to net zero? Let’s chat: