June Product Update: API Documentation, Travel App Payment Options, and Batch Ordering
Dan Kokotov
June 25, 2024

Improved API Documentation

We recently updated our API documentation to make it more accessible and user-friendly for developers. The documentation has been migrated to Mintlify, which allowed us to reorganize, simplify, and clarify key areas. With an improved UI and enhanced search functionality that allows natural language queries powered by a LLM, developers can quickly find the information they need.

Check out the improved documentation here

Updated Payment Method Options for Travel Apps

Last month, we shared that we now offer customized event travel offset apps for organizations focused on sustainability. The apps allow event organizers to allow attendees to offset their travel emissions to the event. The apps are highly customizable to give event organizers maximum flexibility. 

We’ve added functionality to designate which party covers the cost of the offset travel. Event organizers can choose to enable attendees to cover the cost of offsetting their travel emissions, or they can choose to centralize the payment and cover the cost of all offsetting themselves. Either way, each individual who chooses to offset their travel receives a certificate of carbon credits in their name. 

CSV Batch Ordering 

We added support for placing batch mode orders via CSV upload. This new feature allows customers to bulk upload orders they wish to offset in a single CSV. This is useful for customers who want to retroactively offset specific orders or emissions for a designated period of time. 

While this feature is not yet enabled in our UI, we are considering integrating it directly into the user app in the future. 

If you think this feature, or any others, would be useful to your organization, let us know here