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Introducing Our New Head of Science, Rachel Engstrand
Mark Chen
June 12, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce Rachel Engstrand has joined CNaught as Head of Science. A National Geographic Explorer with a PhD from Stanford’s Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources, Rachel is a leader in the carbon credit space who has spent 15 years working at the intersection of conservation and sustainability. Most recently, she led the Applied Science team at Pachama where she helped build their carbon credit evaluation technology and focused on bringing integrity and transparency in the voluntary carbon market. 

Rachel strengthens CNaught’s science team with her expertise in conservation, carbon science,  remote sensing, and carbon markets more broadly. Her expertise will help CNaught expand project diligence, create additional ways to derisk portfolios, develop new transparency tools for added customer visibility, and further enable CNaught to communicate clearly and accessibly about complex climate topics. In collaboration with CNaught’s scientific advisors, Rachel will continue to ensure our approach remains aligned with leading scientific best practices. 

Buyers are looking for carbon credits that they can trust to deliver real climate impact. But trust is earned, not given, and navigating the carbon markets is harder than ever. With a layered approach to risk mitigation, CNaught makes it easy. We set a science-backed strategy, evaluate project types, conduct diligence at the project level, and check our work with third party experts. Adding Rachel bolsters our in-house expertise to ensure we are delivering the high-integrity portfolio of carbon credits buyers are looking for.

Leverage our expertise and let us build you a carbon credit strategy that will enable your organization to accelerate its sustainability goals. Reach out to us here