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Words from our customers

Samir Malvia
VP Procurement
“CNaught has made it very simple to get started on the path of sustainability. Without it, we would have been overwhelmed by the complexity of carbon credits.“
Tanuj Girish
"CNaught was a no brainer. There is no other easy alternative to automated carbon offsets. We looked at many alternatives and even building in house, but we loved the great docs and ease of implementation."
Gene Myers
Founder and CSO
Thrive Home Builders
“CNaught is the only solution to help us go above and beyond by addressing the carbon associated with the construction and materials to help us build homes that are good for the planet.“
Sam Ryan
Co-founder & CEO
"Our partnership with CNaught allows us to address the carbon footprint of our transportation program to make it an even more sustainable alternative to car commuting.”

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Grounded in science

We partner with leading science experts to build a diversified portfolio of carbon credits that you can trust.

Projects in our portfolio

We support a diverse set of project types from around the world. They pass our rigorous due diligence and are highly-regarded by objective third parties. 

Charm Industrial Bio-oil Sequestration

United States
Charm collects waste from plants that have captured carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, applies a heating process called pyrolysis that converts the plant waste into bio-oil, and injects that bio oil into deep wells or caverns where it hardens and will be stored permanently instead of being released to the atmosphere as the plants decay.

Delta Blue Carbon Mangrove Restoration

The largest restoration project in the world, Delta Blue seeks to restore 225,000 hectares of land through large-scale mangrove restoration on the Indus Delta in Pakistan. It also is among the highest-regarded afforestation projects in the world, with both design and execution consistent with leading science.

Katingan Mentaya Peatland Preservation

One of the highest-regarded conservation projects in the world, this project protects 149,800 hectares of peatland in Indonesia at high risk of conversion to plantations. While peatlands represent only 0.3% of the earth’s surface, their destruction contributes between 2-5% of annual anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.

Converting Landfill Gas to Electricity

This project captures methane from a landfill in Turkey and generates more than 42MW of electricity. Landfill gas projects are high-impact because methane is a potent greenhouse gas but there is little incentive to capture it.

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