Simplifying climate action

Pull yourself out of the complexity of carbon project due diligence and selection. CNaught eliminates the barriers to climate action by providing a diversified, science-based portfolio at a fixed price based solely on usage.


We do the research and peek under the hood. See how we make our decisions.


Let go of the responsibility and complexity of selecting projects.


You have full visibility into your portfolio and the tradeoffs. Clear pricing: pay for only what you use.

How it works

Easy climate impact  

We allocate carbon offsets that we purchase and retire on your behalf.

Fixed pricing

Pay only for what you use at a guaranteed price. No transaction fees.

Calculate your emissions

Calculate the carbon emissions for individual transactions, or provide your own estimates.

Track and monitor

Every purchase is recorded and  tied to specific offsets. Projects are reviewed and evaluated for inclusion in our portfolio. Certificates detailing the projects and quantities are provide for each transaction.

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