Product Updates: Subaccounts, Direct Checkout, New Order Tools
Dan Kokotov
April 16, 2024

We’ve been working on a few product updates that add greater flexibility to the CNaught platform, giving CNaught customers more options to leverage carbon credits in ways that make the most sense for their business needs. 


Subaccounts can be used to segregate your orders. For example, you could segregate orders by department. Or, if you are using CNaught to provide carbon credits to your customers, you could use a different subaccount for each customer. You can then retrieve orders or impact data for just that subaccount.

This gives CNaught users more flexibility in organizing their carbon credit orders. It also allows CNaught users who provide carbon credits to their own customers the ability to better leverage CNaught’s impact tools tailored to a specific subaccount.

CNaught users can now filter order history by subaccounts, enabling them to break down their orders by business unit, customer, or other organizational method. This gives CNaught users even greater visibility into their order data to be able to better account for and attribute where climate action is going. 

The subaccounts feature, including filtering order history by subaccounts, is available via the API in addition to the web dashboard. Technical detail can be found in our API documentation here

Direct Customer Checkout

The direct customer checkout feature allows CNaught users to remain out of the flow of payments while allowing their customers to seamlessly purchase CNaught carbon credits. This allows CNaught users to provide carbon credits to their customers without managing the financial transaction. Additionally, customers can buy credits without the need to create a CNaught account. 

This feature is available programmatically via CNaught’s API. Technical detail can be found in our API documentation here

Calculate and offset emissions directly in checkout

Users now have the ability to calculate an order based on dollars or emissions directly from checkout. Calculate emissions from air travel, ground transportation, ground freight, air freight, train travel, or office buildings, or convert dollars directly to tonnes. 

Learn more about how CNaught’s product can fit your organization's needs by reaching out to us here.