Product Update: Customizable Travel Offset Apps and Improved Checkout and Mobile Experiences
Dan Kokotov
May 29, 2024

Customized Travel Offset Apps

Last year, we built an app that allowed Verge attendees to offset their travel to the conference by easily calculating their travel emissions and then purchasing credits to mitigate them in lieu of wasteful swag. In a matter of seconds, travelers can input their origin airport or location, automatically calculate the emissions of their travel via plane or car, and then purchase carbon credits to offset their travel. The results were great: the first app mitigated almost 33 tonnes of travel emissions. 

We have expanded our use of the original app to build customized travel apps for organizations focused on sustainability. For example, we created apps for GreenBiz’s Circularity 24 conferences and Harvard Business School

Building on the idea, we’ve productized the underlying infrastructure to offer a highly customizable interface that allows us to easily spin up new travel sites. We’ve built the ability to tailor the portfolio offering, accompanying text, logos, form fields, and destination airports. Organizations can also choose who covers the costs - whether it’s the travers themselves or the event organizer. 

Each travel app is also paired with its own impact page that showcases the total impact of the event’s travel offset purchases. The page tracks each purchase and updates in real time, showing how many kg of CO2e have been offset, where each attendee is traveling from, and tangible examples of the climate impact. 

The travel app makes it easy to host more sustainable events. It empowers attendees to take action and helps organizers showcase their efforts and climate impact. 

Interested in making your event more sustainable? Reach out to us about building you a customized travel app here

Seamless Checkout Flow

As part of the app buildout, we also improved our checkout experience. Previously, we used Stripe’s hosted checkout experience to speed up the development cycle of the original app. We built our own version for a smoother, more cohesive user experience.

Improved Mobile Experience 

Our dashboard app is now fully mobile friendly. This means CNaught users can easily view total tonnage, previous orders, view and share their climate impact page, access developer tools, and place new orders, all from a mobile device.