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How to Get More Accurate and Meaningful Impact
Caitlin McGarry
March 21, 2024

Hostfully offers a comprehensive property management platform, integrating every aspect of vacation rental management into a single, user-friendly space. By leveraging automation, Hostfully enhances operational efficiency from booking to checkout. Catering to over 3,700 clients across 82 countries and managing 38,000 properties, Hostfully's mission is to elevate travel experiences worldwide. 

With sustainability central to their mission, Hostfully is committed to protecting the environment. They have been carbon neutral since 2021, encourage their users to participate in eco-friendly programs, and provide vacation rental companies with tangible things they can do to stop climate change

Brad Cartier, Head of Marketing, shares how Hostfully gained more insightful data and higher quality carbon credits while lowering costs with CNaught.

Thoughtful Sustainability Efforts

Thoughtful sustainability efforts have always been a topic of conversation among management. How, as a software company, can we help offset our footprint given that we're a completely remote company? This is a difficult thing to calculate and to figure out. 

And, as a vacation rental manager, can you calculate your carbon footprint? What are some ways to optimize for that and offset it? We’ve done partnerships with influencers, hosted webinars, and have written up content pieces for our customers on how they can be more eco-friendly. 

More Accurate and Sophisticated Impact

So sustainability has always been something top of mind for leadership. Several years ago we signed up for a climate platform to calculate and offset our carbon footprint. We quickly realized that the calculations were not really accurate. They didn’t account for remote work, at the time. They didn’t account for travel. They didn’t account for spending on things like AWS. Things that we spend heavily on that know we have a climate impact weren't being properly calculated. So we knew we wanted a different platform. 

After a meeting with CNaught, it immediately became clear that their platform was much more sophisticated and had a lot more variety of offsetting options than what we had been using. I wasn’t very eager to switch off our previous provider because it wasn’t a bad experience, but we wanted to be a lot more thoughtful and accurate about how we calculate our impact. 

Side Bonus: Lower Costs

We didn’t switch because of cost, but a side bonus of the transition to CNaught is the monthly cost is quite a bit lower because we were a lot more accurate in our calculations and thoughtful with our offsets. We now use Bend to provide us with accurate accounting of the emissions we need to offset. It was never really about the money, but based on the more accurate data, it reflected a lower monthly cost for us. 

Automate Offsets

We don’t have a leader in-house who is in charge of sustainability initiatives because of the size of our company. We're under 100 employees, so we don't really have the budget to hire someone to be that champion. I think that’s something we’d be interested in if there were ever additional resources. For now, it’s just me maintaining our sustainability efforts, but thankfully it doesn’t take up too much of my time because it’s very automated with CNaught. 

See Hostfully’s impact using CNaught here and read more about Hostfully’s other sustainability efforts here.

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