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CNaught Powers Green Builder Media’s New COGNITION Carbon Offsets Marketplace
Mark Chen
April 29, 2024

CNaught is pleased to announce a partnership with Green Builder Media, North America’s leading green building and sustainable living media company. 

Green Builder Media recently launched their COGNITION Carbon Offsets Marketplace to streamline access to carbon credits to mitigate the impact of the built-environment. CNaught is proud to be powering this new marketplace. By leveraging CNaught’s expertise in designing carbon credit portfolios to maximize impact and minimize risk, those who have relied on Green Builder Media’s leadership in the sustainable building industry can now purchase CNaught carbon credits directly through GBM’s marketplace. 

Carbon Credits Are Necessary to Reach Carbon Neutrality

The built environment generates nearly 50% of annual global CO2 emissions. In order for homes and buildings to reach net-zero, strategies are necessary to mitigate the impact of structures both during and after construction. 

Reduction efforts alone can’t achieve carbon neutrality in homes and buildings and there will inevitably be embodied and operational carbon emissions remaining. A key component to reaching carbon neutrality is leveraging carbon credits to offset any remaining carbon emissions.  

Carbon credits enable builders, developers, manufacturers, energy firms, and other stakeholders to offset their environmental footprint while they work to continue to incorporate and improve decarbonization and other sustainability strategies in every layer of their operations.

Decarbonizing isn’t happening fast enough in the built environment. CNaught offers builders a path to carbon neutrality, right now, in just a few clicks. By offering CNaught’s high quality credits through COGNITION, companies can access and purchase a science-backed portfolio of trustworthy carbon credits to address embodied and operational carbon. We’re excited to partner with Green Builder Media to bring builders a carbon credit strategy previously accessible to only the most sophisticated buyers.

- Mark Chen, Cofounder and CEO of CNaught

Green Builder Media’s Efforts To Move the Needle

Since our inception 19 years ago, Green Builder Media has engaged in every possible activity we could think of to enhance the sustainability of the built environment. We’ve worked with builders, architects, developers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, lenders, municipalities, utilities, and homeowners to increase awareness about how we can decarbonize homes and buildings.

- Sara Gutterman, Cofounder and CEO of Green Builder Media 

With decades of experience in the green building and sustainable living industry, Green Builder Media has been educating and encouraging the industry to make the changes necessary to move to a carbon-neutral world. They recognize the limitations of options currently available on the market today and decided purchasing offsets are the only option to mitigate impact. The COGNITION Carbon Offsets Marketplace was launched to make that action possible, now.

CNaught Powers the COGNITION Marketplace with High Quality Carbon Credits

CNaught provides the high-quality carbon credits behind COGNITION’s Carbon Offsets Marketplace. With CNaught’s carbon credits, those in the built environment industry can trust their purchases have real impact. With diversified portfolio options built with multiple carbon projects across each of four Oxford categories of carbon removal and reduction, purchasers can ensure they are mitigating risk and maximizing their climate impact. 

We’re excited to power Green Builder Media’s COGNITION Carbon Offsets Marketplace to streamline access to high-quality carbon credits and see more building projects reach carbon neutrality, faster. 


Access the COGNITION Carbon Offsets Marketplace here

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