Better results with a diversified portfolio

CNaught builds a diversified portfolio of high-quality offset projects to maximize impact, mitigate risk, and foster innovation.

"A portfolio approach to sourcing carbon credits ... taps the most economical sources for carbon offsetting today ... supports industry investment at scale, and progressively invests in emerging carbon removal technology." - World Economic Forum

Carbon portfolio best practices

Impact today

Purchase high-quality reduction offsets at scale


Increase investments in nature-based removal

Build for THE Future

Support engineered carbon removal

Science-based framework

Oxford's Principles for Carbon Offsetting provides a robust framework across multiple categories. The portfolio is diversified across category, technology, and geography to mitigate risk while maximizing impact.

Quality grounded in research


Ensure offsets are actually driving carbon impact


Ensure carbon reductions and removals are long-lasting and not subject to reversal


Ensure projects do not overstate their impact.

Evolves with technology

To drive immediate impact, our portfolio is weighted toward high-quality, scalable emissions reductions. A portion of the portfolio includes removals with long-term storage to help accelerate progress.

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