About us

CNaught is creating the world’s most scalable carbon offset platform. Our mission is to help companies remove a gigaton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through building tools to integrate climate action into everyday transactions.

By creating the tools to build innovative solutions that incorporate carbon credits.

CNaught is accelerating the path to a net-zero world.

We believe

Carbon is fungible

Our emissions have a global impact. But we can also act locally to solve this global problem. Every little bit helps. We cannot get wrapped around the axle on short-term vs long-term solutions.

There is a business case for climate action

Removing carbon from the atmosphere is a business imperative, not a philanthropic mission. People want to buy from companies that are doing their part.

Simple solutions exist today

Climate science is a complex area that demands simpler solutions to change consumer behavior.

We can all make a difference

Lots of small decisions got us to this point. Many small decisions will get us out of it.